5 Ways to Elevate Your Salon Rental Space

salon rental space

Your salon is more than just a place for people to get their hair cut—it’s a social scene, an escape from day-to-day life, and an opportunity for a life-changing style choice!  So why not make it as beautiful and inviting as possible? Here are a few ways to elevate your salon rental space:

Update Your Technology

In a salon, technology can mean just about anything. And we don’t mean that you have to drop thousands of dollars on the Dyson hair dryers (although those look amazing). For a seamless salon experience, you can keep up with the latest and greatest in booking technology, like online appointment scheduling or integrating a digital check-in kiosk. Updating your tech can make the entire experience smoother and more efficient for both you and your clients.

You can invest in new, high-quality equipment—just make sure it’s regularly maintained so you can prolong your investment. And don’t forget about the little things: make sure charging ports are available for clients, upgrade to a sleek and modern point-of-sale system, and consider investing in a TV or music streaming service for the waiting area.

Keep it Functional

It can be tempting to go all-out with your salon’s decor, but remember that it still needs to function as a place for hair styling, coloring, and cuts. Make sure you have enough mirrors and stations for your team. Consider the practicality of each furniture or decor piece. Can clients easily access outlets for their phones or devices? Are there enough places to hang and store styling tools?

Sell Quality Products

Your clients trust you to give them the best advice and recommendations for their hair, so why not ensure that extends to the products you carry in your salon? Offer high-quality, reputable brands that will truly elevate their hair game. This also gives you an opportunity for retail sales and can bring in some extra income for your salon.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Your clients should feel pampered and comfortable while they’re in your salon rental space, so make sure you have ample seating. You can also go above and beyond and offer refreshments. And don’t forget about your own comfort—make sure your chairs and stations are ergonomically designed to prevent strain and injury.

Let Your Decorations Reflect Your Brand

Your brand—how you represent yourself—attracts different clients. Maybe you love fun, bright colors, and working with a younger crowd. Or, you could like for your look to be more sophisticated.  Whatever it may be, let your decor and design choices reflect that.

Your salon’s branding should also come through in the little things, like how you answer the phone or the language on your website and social media channels. Don’t forget to keep up with trends, too—but make sure they align with your brand before jumping on board.

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