MedSpa vs. Dermatologist: The Important Differences

Young woman receives a cosmetic procedure at a medspa near me

Advice for optimal, glowing skin has taken over recent trends and the decision of where to turn for treatment has proven to be overwhelming. When it comes to professional skincare and beauty treatments, making the right choice between a MedSpa and a dermatologist is crucial. So before you type “MedSpa near me” in your browser, […]

Gaining and Keeping Clients: 5 Tips to Your Hair Salon’s Success

Simply deciding to start a hair salon makes you a boss. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding—it’s an uphill battle you’re signing yourself up for. 20% of small businesses (SMBs) fail within the first year, and 50% don’t make it past five years. But, that doesn’t have to be you. So what can a new […]

Beauty Salon Suite vs. Beauty Salon Booth Rental: Which is Better? 

Welcome to the beauty industry’s version of “The Suite Life versus The Booth Life.” If you’re a beauty professional, you’ve likely stumbled across the terms ‘beauty salon suite’ and ‘beauty salon booth rental. Much like choosing a hairstyle, deciding between the two can leave you tangled in confusion and indecision. But fear not, we will […]

How to Prepare Your Salon for the Holidays 

As the holiday season swiftly approaches, managing an esthetician salon can become increasingly challenging. The surge in bookings, the imperative task of maintaining a pristine space, and the potential for overwork can create a whirlwind of stress. However, with effective planning and the right strategies, you can turn this bustling period into a successful and […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to Opening a Hair Salon

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect snip, clip, and style sanctuary where beauty and business collide, then it’s time to bring your vision to life. Opening a hair salon is no small trim, but rather an exciting journey toward independence and creativity. Your passion for hair styling and desire to make people feel fabulous […]

How to Make the Most of Your Small Salon Space

Running a salon business requires hard work and dedication, especially when it comes to managing and making the most of a small salon space. From knocking things over to cramming all of your tools into a small space, the size of your space may put a damper on your work day. But you don’t have […]

7 Steps to Building Your Client Base as a Beauty Professional

Woman blow drys another woman's hair

You may not see yourself as an entrepreneur as a beauty professional, but that’s exactly what you are! The entrepreneurial side of finding new clients may feel overwhelming and even taxing, but breaking it down into bite-sized pieces can make the adjustment easier.  You might think as you’re reading this article, “I can’t do that!” […]

How to Launch Your Career as an Esthetician

esthetician suite

Odds are, you’ve imagined the excitement of doing the perfect eyebrow wax, facial or pampering session. You daydream about what your clients will say when they get up from your chair! You can’t quite wrap your head around everything they’ll say, but it’s the stuff you dream about. So why wait to make it happen? […]

5 Services You Should Be Offering in Your Hair Salon Suite

hair salon suite

Hair salon suites are golden—the opportunities are endless. People come into a hair salon suite expecting a full-on self-care day. When they leave, they don’t worry about the price—they remember the day that they got to kick back and relax. It’s magic! But, if you aren’t offering all the self-care magic that someone is looking […]

What’s the Difference Between a MedSpa and a Regular Spa?

medspa suite

If it’s been a while since you’ve treated yourself, you may be dreaming of a day at the spa. But what kind of spa experience would be the right fit for you? Depending on what outcomes you want, you may choose one experience over another, but either option can still be perfect. But what is […]