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Indie Studio Suites is the best option for a quality, well-furnished space for an esthetician looking to have their own space.

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your career, your space

The booming skin care industry has been more than kind to estheticians. That said, having the ideal space to portray your styles and carry out your services efficiently is critical to your success. As an esthetician, you could choose to work for an existing company, start your own enterprise or rent out a space for your salon or spa.

incomparable Amenities

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Among the most significant benefits of renting an Indie Studio are the amenities that come with the space, which include:

  • Pump-up chairs.
  • Stainless steel sink.
  • Overhead and lower cabinet drawer storage.
  • Laundry services.
  • Fridge and freezer space.

Creativity and Individuality for ENTREPRENEURS

Indie Studio Suites values creativity and individuality, and we invite entrepreneurs to make the space their own, including making more privacy by allowing opaque coverings on the suite’s glass.

With such items already at your disposal, you can save a large portion of your investment for financing and developing your business. An Indie Studio esthetician suite for rent will allow you to kick start your business and get you well on your way to owning your own spa or salon.

interior of Indie Studio Suites in Bountiful

Kickstart Your Esthetician Business

No matter what kind of esthetician services you provide, Indie has the suite for you. We can help you provide:

  • Make-up application
  • Facials and peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Body wraps
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Pore cleansing
  • Spray tans
  • Waxing
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Eyebrow tinting

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More Flexibility

Besides the financial benefits of renting out space for your salon or spa, it also allows you to work on your schedule. Indie Studios have enough space for any esthetic tools you would like to house. This will enable you to handle more clients at a go and grow your revenue on your own terms. A rental agreement will offer you total independence to conduct your operations when and how you want.

While renting out a space for your salon might be an unfamiliar undertaking, it offers an ideal way to start your own salon. Indie Studio spaces provide most of the essential items you will need to kick start your business, allowing you to define your path to independence and success.

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