Before the Grand Opening: 7 Salon Essentials for Success

The grand opening is one of the most exciting parts of starting your own salon! Showing off your new place, establishing clientele, and creating your vibe are all part of the beginning excitement. But before simply throwing your doors open, it’s important to plan carefully so you’ll be sure to have a smooth opening. 

Today we’ll cover seven salon essentials to help you prepare for the best grand opening ever.

Salon Startup Stats

Before we dive into your grand opening must-haves, let’s take a look at how salons are doing overall. Salons average a revenue of around $245,000 every year. Your revenue of course depends on many factors (and you have to keep in mind expenses), but it’s a promising figure!

A daunting stat you may have heard before is that 80% of small businesses fail within 18 months of opening, and that includes salons. Things like sufficient financing, detailed planning, careful management, and more can help you be one of the 20%. And a successful and well-planned grand opening is just the start of this goal.

1. Prime Location

One of the first considerations for a successful salon is its location. You want your salon to be easy to find and access. High visibility and foot traffic can significantly increase the chances of attracting walk-in clients so be sure your signage is clear and visible to passersby.

Make sure your friends, family, and potential clients know how to find you! Publish the address of your salon on your website and social media platforms, along with directions if necessary.

2. Comfortable Chairs

Comfort is a key salon essential. Investing in high-quality, comfortable chairs is critical for both stylists and clients. Uncomfortable seating can lead to a poor customer experience and physical strain for your stylists. Find ergonomic chairs that have adjustable height and recline options, as well as padded head and armrests.

3. Positive Ambiance

The ambiance of your salon sets the tone for the entire client experience. Use lighting, decor, and music to create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that reflects your personal brand. Try an upbeat playlist and trendy decor for a more lively vibe or use calming instrumental or nature sounds and decor like plants and tiny fountains to make your salon feel like a spa.

4. Strategic Marketing

Effective marketing can build anticipation and excitement for your grand opening. Social media platforms like Instagram are excellent for showcasing your salon’s style and services. Check out these marketing tips:

  • Create a pre-launch campaign to generate buzz.
  • Use Instagram posts and stories to offer sneak peeks of your salon.
  • Collaborate with local influencers for broader reach.
  • Plan a grand opening event with special offers and giveaways.

But don’t stop there—continue marketing efforts the day of by hosting a live stream of the event and posting updates.

5. Well-Stocked Salon Stations

An efficiently stocked station ensures that your stylists have everything they need to deliver top-notch services. Stock up on salon essentials like scissors, combs, brushes, and products for various hair types. Keep things organized with trays and carts so the salon stays tidy and your stylists can always find what they need.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Going to the salon is more than just getting your hair or nails done—it can be a fun social experience for customers and staff alike. Friendly, personalized service can turn first-time visitors into loyal clients.

  • Train your staff to be friendly, professional, and attentive.
  • Encourage open and engaging conversations with clients.
  • Respond promptly to client inquiries and feedback.

7. Memorable Takeaways

This is one of our favorite salon essentials to put together! Give your clients something to remember you by, ensuring they’ll want to return. Small gestures can go a long way in building client loyalty. You can make a small gift bag with a complimentary product sample, a personalized thank you card, coupons for future visits, or even a treat, reminding visitors what a sweet experience they’ll have every time they come back!

Have Your Dream Opening at Indie Studio Suites

At Indie Studio Suites, we’re excited about your new salon and would love to be a part of your grand opening. Our spaces are fully equipped and move-in ready, so you can get started as soon as you have your other salon essentials in place. We know it can be tough starting your small business, so we offer 2 weeks of free rent after move-in along with our affordable rates.

And most of all, we know that this is your business—you pick your prices and hours, and you keep every penny you earn. We’re just here to give you space to make your business goals a reality. Let’s talk about how!