How to Launch Your Career as an Esthetician

esthetician suite

Odds are, you’ve imagined the excitement of doing the perfect eyebrow wax, facial or pampering session. You daydream about what your clients will say when they get up from your chair! You can’t quite wrap your head around everything they’ll say, but it’s the stuff you dream about. So why wait to make it happen? Start today to work towards launching your esthetician career in an esthetician suite.

Getting your Esthetician License

First and foremost, you have to get licensed. Getting your esthetician license takes 600 hours in the facial operator program. Following 600 hours of practice, you’ll have to pass your state’s written and practical exams and then officially apply for your esthetician license. Getting your own esthetician suite is on the horizon, but it takes a little bit more time to get there.

Starting Your Career

Start with Training Wheels

Typically, most estheticians start out at an already-established salon. This acts as training wheels for you to start getting clients and mitigate your risk involved right out the gate. You’ll have access to the clients and equipment you need, but it comes at a price—you may not get to keep all of the service fees you earn or set your own hours.

Build Your Network and Professional Relationships

But, in your training wheel phase at someone else’s salon, you get some rich opportunities that can come in handy when you open your own esthetician suite. As you get familiar with the industry, start meeting other estheticians and professionals in the beauty field. You may even find people to partner up with at some point. You never know who will be there for you when you’re ready to start your own business!

Portfolio Work

As you work in someone else’s salon, start thinking about ways to build up your own portfolio. Before you launch your own esthetician suite, it’s important that you have a strong portfolio of before-and-after pictures of the services you offer. This helps potential clients understand the value behind what you can do for them and trust that they’re going to get great results.

In today’s era, a lot of that comes from building a strong social media presence.

What’s Your Niche?

It may take time, but you’ll want to decide what you feel you do best and maximize your particular niche. Is it eyebrow shaping? Lash extensions? Skin care services? You’ll want to identify what sets you apart from the competition and be sure that everyone knows what your superpowers are—that way when you start your own esthetician suite you can waste no time at all.

Get Professional Supplies and Plan a Budget

You’re getting close to launch time. At this point, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to gather professional supplies and start looking at cost analysis. That way, when you’re ready to open your esthetician suite it’ll be a smooth turn-key experience.

Rent Your Esthetician Suite

One of the biggest mistakes estheticians make when they go out on their own is fronting the cost of making a salon. This can be a lot of money when your resources are already in a pinch. Your best option is to rent an esthetician suite. You’ll pocket more money and get to your dream in a jiffy. All the work you did leading up to opening your own salon will all be worth it.

Indie Studio Suites: Your Ticket to Success

At Indie Studio Suites, we make it easier for estheticians to start their own businesses. With many locations to choose from, our turn-key esthetician suites provide everything you need for success. We have a comprehensive list of amenities that includes furniture and equipment along with private studios and lusciously designed waiting areas. It’s the smart way to take the plunge into your entrepreneurship dreams.

If you’re ready to launch your own business, contact us today! Indie Studio Suites is here to help you get there. Let’s make it happen!