7 Steps to Building Your Client Base as a Beauty Professional

Woman blow drys another woman's hair

You may not see yourself as an entrepreneur as a beauty professional, but that’s exactly what you are! The entrepreneurial side of finding new clients may feel overwhelming and even taxing, but breaking it down into bite-sized pieces can make the adjustment easier. 

You might think as you’re reading this article, “I can’t do that!” But don’t worry—you’ve got this. With a little bit of confidence, you can showcase your work to the world and make your salon suite in Utah glow.

Finding New Clients & Building Your Clientele

Finding new clients is always more costly than retaining them. It means putting yourself out there! With so much technology right at your fingertips, there are a few things you can do to spread your name and get the traffic you’re looking for, as well as some tried and true formats that have never gone out of style.

Build a Portfolio

Even if you’re new to the beauty world, collecting your best work and building a portfolio to showcase at the flick of a wrist is so important. Try to have both a digital portfolio (potentially on a website), as well as a physical copy. This way, when clients walk in they can get an idea of your specialty—or get that same perspective from home.

Utilize Social Media

Whether you enjoy social media or it feels more like a chore, social media is an important way to grow your business in 2023. In fact, just as you would trust a friend telling you that they love a certain hairstylist, people are beginning to trust pictures and videos they see on social media to that same extent! A recent study says that social media now matches word-of-mouth credibility. Crazy, right?

So, one of the best ways to get people to trust your business and try out your skills for themselves is to get familiar with posting regularly on social media even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

Be Brave

Don’t be afraid to advertise yourself. You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are and you deserve to reap the rewards. Vouch for the good work you believe you can do—confidence speaks volumes. 

The next time you wonder if you really do “got this,” remember how much you’ve already accomplished! Every day you’re closer to the success you’ve imagined. Remember this while you’re trying to get more customers or find a salon suite in Utah; have the confidence to take yourself to the top!

Focus on Customer Retention

While it may not seem this way, customer retention is even more important—and financially savvy—than growing your consumer base. Within the beauty industry, people schedule follow-ups as consistently as one month later. So don’t ignore opportunities to turn a walk-in experience into a recurring customer.

Book Return Appointments

This may seem obvious, but making sure to schedule return appointments is key. It’s easy for someone to forget about follow-up services or think they can do their next appointment somewhere else. If your salon suite in Utah has a computerized system, you can even send email reminders when it’s time for that person to come back!

Connect With Clients

Connecting doesn’t have to be some complicated thing—it can be as simple as making someone feel heard. Being friendly and courteous can help people keep coming back. If you’re wondering how you can connect with your clients even more, you can try some of these ideas:

  • Ask them about their family
  • Get them talking about their work
  • Show active listening skills
  • Be excited to see them

Make a Referral System

Another great way to increase customer retention is by having a referral system. If your clients like the results they got from you, get them talking about it! Utilizing incentives or rewards for referrals can be a great tool for not only increasing customer retention but also finding new customers.

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